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Other icons

"Icon" normally means a painted image on a flat panel or wall, or a mosaic, used as part of Christian reverential practice, but depictions of Saint Nicholas show up in a great variety of other media as well:

See also the painted icons pages for Saint Nicholas icons in churches or icons at commercial or gallery/museum sites.

Icons on bottles

In the city of Bari, Italy, where a portion of the relics of Saint Nicholas now repose, there has grown up a unique genre of icons -- painted on bottles that contain holy myrrh, also called manna, that collects on the relics.


Orthodox Churches often have banners with icons on them hanging on the walls or displayed on poles.


Frescoes (paintings made upon wet plaster) have been used in many Orthodox Churches. Frescoes of Saint Nicholas encountered so far:


Non-icon paintings are interesting, but do not fit in the life and practice of Orthodox Christianity. Some paintings that depict Saint Nicholas:


Vestments, garments worn by the clergy during services

Lacquer Boxes


Statues of saints are little used within Orthodox Christianity. Several photos of a statue at the Church of Saint Nicholas in Demre, Turkey (ancient Myra in Lycia), the original place of ministry and burial place of Saint Nicholas (though this statue was added in the 19th century during a restoration attempt on the site):

Other pictures and history of the Demre/Myra area may be found in the Turkey section of the Saint Nicholas pages.

Stone Carvings


Bronze Icons

Antiquarian Fair has a number of bronze icons of Saint Nicholas linked from the Russian Bronze Icon and Crucifix page, including:

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