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Russian Devotion to Saint Nicholas

The Russian Orthodox Church and the Christian people of Russia are devoted to Saint Nicholas, or Svyatitel Nikolai, as he is called in Russian. This is reflected in the great number of Russian Saint Nicholas parishes and missions (most of which do not have web pages yet, however.)

Parish pages

Russian Orthodox sites are presented here, both of the Russian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) and Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR) - also known as Russian Orthodox Church Abroad (ROCA), the Russian Orthodox Church in Exile, and the "Synod Church". Several sites have a great deal of information about the Holy Orthodox Church. For information on the Orthodox Church in America, the successor to the (patriarchal) Russian Orthodox Church in the United States, see the Orthodox Church in America Saint Nicholas Page. The term "Greek Catholic" refers to the use of the Byzantine Rite that is the predominant worship pattern of Eastern Orthodox churches, of which Russian Orthodoxy is a part, and of Eastern Catholic churches, which are under the authority of the Pope of Rome. When found with the term "Orthodox", it indicates that the church has now returned to Orthodoxy.

Russian church pictures

St. Petersburg has a number of beautiful Orthodox churches. See Orthodox cathedrals and churches of St. Petersburg for some photos and accounts of the churches. Among them are The Naval St. Nicholas Cathedral of the Epiphany. "Naval" refers to Saint Nicholas's encounters with seamen, and does not mean to imply that the cathedral is afloat.

Ethnic practice

Other sites

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